Hello my Roses!

I'am back and I won't be leaving. I've finally bought a laptop MacBook Pro which I'am so thankful for. Now I can write all those articles that always are on my mind.

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Honestly, when people say that you have way more freedom when you're 18 its kinda true but not exactly. I still live with my lovely parents who I love with all my heart. I have to respect their rules and decisions and know that they only want the best for me so it not like I just gonna say "I'm eighteen you can't tell me what to do". To them I will always be their little girl and I can't break their hearts.

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I've learned a lot through these years and finally I feel I must start a new. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past and I will still continue to make mistakes. That is life. I may not be a little girl anymore but a young woman who is trying to find out who she is. When I was little I wanted to be a mermaid. No, seriously. When ever someone asked my six year old self what I wanted to be the answer was always mermaid. Sadly thats probably not going to happen.

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I can't wait to experience this wonderful and beautiful things called woman hood.

Thats it for this article thank you so much for waiting for me for so long to write an article. I can't wait to share so much with you guys.

Until later my roses.