OK, so at first i when i was just starting to read and love zodiacs, when i was reading about Aries personalities, i was thinking to myself they have anger issues, very stubborn, really impulsive, and sometimes arrogant, and i don't know if i want that type of person in my life. But then in the 6th grade i had no friends on the bus until i meet someone and she was very nice and after a while when our friendship started to grow and i started to know more about her, i was thinking about what her zodiac could be and i was like she can't be an Aries or a Scorpio, shes way to like me and super nice. So i asked her one day whats your zodiac sign and i was so shocked. She told me she was an Aries and i was shook. That night i went home and did some research and found out more about Aries and read more on them and they are not at all what i thought of them at first. Me and her became best friends and we're talking about collage and being roommates. I actually never meet someone as weird as myself until i meet her. I will never judge a zodiac ever again until i meet one myself.

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