As I get older, time starts moving faster, days go by and the year is starting over again. Before you know it, you're living stoically, not enjoying the little things.

As I jump into this festive season, I made my mind to decorate right after Halloween.

I started by buying my very first artificial tree, I usually stick to real tress because I enjoy the smell of pine but my allergies aren't having it, and I bought this cute little fella a cozy Christmas sweater, which he hates :( but he looks so adorable lol

cat, christmas, and decorate image

Since I am starting early I want to enjoy the process of decorating everything and not rushing through, as I've done in the past from waiting to put everything up, so for now I added little presents and my lil Santa light helper so he can help me "put lights on my tree"

christmas, christmas tree, and presents image

Festive Christmas lights coming soon! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Decorating early has brought me joy and, honestly, it reminds me of childhood holidays when it felt like it lasted forever. Seeing all the beautiful lights on at night as I snuggle under a blanket and watch netflix has me excited for this years holiday season. I just want to enjoy the cold sweater weather and be jolly AF.

So, if you were pondering the fact if its to early to start, meh, maybe but you'll love it and that's all that matters <3 Thanks for reading!

Until Christmas, I'll allow this little guy to hang around..

christmas, football, and hungry image