Hello Hearters, it has been a while since i've written a skin care article that gives tips and advice. You can check the last skin care articles I did below. Here's some tips and advice to help you with your skin journey. Keep in mind that every bodies skin is different so what works for some people might not work for others. Let's get started.

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  • Throughly wash your hands before starting your skin care routine

Your hands carry all sorts of bacteria which is the last thing anyone wants on their skin. This is why you should not touch your face.

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  • Start off small and work your way up

If you're new to skincare and you don't want to be overwhelmed there are three main products that will help you get started. You want to start with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer with spf and/or sunscreen. All of these product you'd use daily whereas exfoliants and masks are suppose to be used 1-3 times a week.

  • Cleanse

This is how you want to start your skin care routine. I started off using makeup wipes to remove my makeup but I realized that those wipes don't take off all of my makeup. So you can use ether a cleansing balm or oil, these product break down makeup for an easy removal. Then you want to cleanse with a cleanser that is targeted for your skin type and concerns.

Your skin shouldn't be extremely clean after cleansing because that strips the skin of it's natural moisture. When the skin's natural moisture is stripped this changes the ph to alkaline rather then acidic. If your skin is on the dryer or sensitive side then a water based cleanser is you best choice. Then a gel based cleanser would be good for those who have ether combo or oily skin.

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I currently use Dermalogica precleanse cleansing oil and ether Fresh soy cleanser or Eminence Advanced Acne cleanser
  • Tone

Toner can do a variety of things for the skin like add hydration, exfoliate and the main property is the restore the ph level in the skin. Avoid toners with alcohols and scents/fragrances as they can cause dryness and allergic reactions. Get toners with any of these ingredients: hyaluronic acid (hydration), witch hazel (anti-inflammatory and acne), aloe vera leaf extract (calming)

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I currently use the Thayers lavender witch hazel
  • Moisturize

Myth: drinking water to get clears skin. False, the skin is actually the last organ to receive all the water we drink.

The best ingredient to keep an eye out for if your looking for hydration is hyaluronic acid especially if you are on the dry side. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which attracts water and prevents water loss. Those who have oily and combo skin also need moisture and hydration. The only thing is that these people might be restricted to light moisturizer and not be able to use thicker creams.

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I usually alternate between eminence eight grain whipped moisturizer and samples of glamglow glowstarter mega illuminating moisturizer and laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be used in your morning routine. This is a very important step in your routine. keeps our skin protected from the harmful UV rays and it's important to use it daily and reapply every 2 hours. Also if you have recently exfoliated then that makes the skin sensitive so you HAVE to wear sunscreen.

Without sunscreen the sun can destroy collagen in the skin and cause hyper and hypo pigmentation. The ideal sunscreen should be a broad spectrum (blocks both UVB and UVA rays) sunscreen with 30 spf at least. Get sunscreen with these ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

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I currently use BiON Titanium Dioxide spf 35 sunscreen
  • Look for specific ingredients that are catered for your skin type target your concerns

Go from the lightest products to the heaviest. Make sure to test out products and try to figure out what you like. If your adding products or starting a skin care routine make sure to add of product at a time. Start with your cleanser for a few weeks then add your toner etc. That way you'll know if you have a reaction to a product or doesn't work with your skin. If your worried about a product do a test patch on the neck near the ear.

If you have any article suggestions, send me them and I'll make sure to do them! Also you can check out some of the other beauty articles as well as my other articles in the collections below.

- Brianna