Hello, dear hearters. I am here since May 25, 2016 and this is my first article (something new, isn't it?). I present to your attention the five books of November. This doesn't mean that they are associated with November. It doesn't even mean that they have some special autumn atmosphere... These are just five cool books, which I will tell you about in November. Let's start.

1. "Der Falscher, Die Spionin Und Der Bombendaner" by Alex Capus
Fascinating novel. One of the heroes of the book helped the Americans to make an atomic bomb, the second - a novice artist - went with the famous Arthur Evans to the excavations of Knossos and learned to deftly recreate old frescoes, which brought him considerable income. And the heroine of the novel, Allied intelligence officer in fascist Italy, was shot. The author miraculously connects the fate of his characters with each other, decorating the narration with many reliable facts of the time.

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2. "Memories Of An Imaginary Friend" by Matthew Dicks
Few people know about this, but most children have such imaginary friends, they look after their wards until the moment when the child stops imagining them. Then they disappear. But Max’s friend is special, he stayed close to Max longer than usual, and when the accident happened, he is the only one who comes to help a friend.

Mrs Hume once told Max's mom that children like him often have imaginary friends and they hold on longer than others. Hold on. I liked that word. I'm holding on.
— Budo
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3. "Le Passager" by Jean-Christophe Grange
Meeting with a patient suffering from amnesia, leads the psychiatrist Mathias Frere to a terrible discovery: he has the same “passenger without luggage” syndrome. Time after time he loses his memory and from the fragments of the past he creates himself a new personality. To find his true self, he will have to go through all his former incarnations. Frere is pursued by mysterious killers in black, the police are chasing him, convinced that he is a serial maniac who has committed horrendous murders imitating ancient Greek myths. Yes, he is not sure of his innocence.

The most formidable weapon in the world remains the human brain.
— Matthias Frere
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4. "A `wild Swan And Other Tales" by Michael Cunningham
In the fairy tales of Michael Cunningham, we are talking about the fact that in all of our well-known fairy tales we forgot to mention or were deliberately left behind in silence. What happened after the spell was broken? What is the fate of a prince from whom the curse has been lifted, but not completely? How should one make wishes so that their execution does not bring grief? Cunningham is a brilliant storyteller, he is able to captivate the reader and awaken the imagination. But beware - this is a dangerous adventure.

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5. "60 Years Later: Coming Through The Rye" by John David California
Jerome David Salinger is a classic writer, a mystery writer who, at the height of his career, announced his retirement from literature and settled in a remote American province. His only novel, The Catcher in the Rye, was a turning point in the history of world literature. The novel was rethought in every way, but only John David California dared to write its sequel. Salinger's lawyers immediately sued, and the book was banned in the United States.

Life, you know, is a rather tough thing. Sometimes, whatever one may say, it is so lousy that there is no strength, but you cannot give in to this feeling. Never, ever.
— Holden Caulfield
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Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.