one of the biggest themes on my account is, i really want a family. it is genuinely my goal in life and many people have told me i was born to be a mother. i'm also incredibly sentimental and while reminiscing about my own childhood, this idea occurred to me...

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one of my favourite things about easter as a kid was easter egg hunting in my house and garden, if the weather was nice enough. i would love to have the kids decorate the eggs themselves, i think that's an extra personal touch. i also think pancakes on easter morning would be super fun, my own mum did that a few times. where i live there are farms where you can feed lambs and baby goats (kids?) with baby bottles and go on tractor rides, so cute and fun!!

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summer holidays

in the UK, summer holidays are roughly 6 weeks. in my own childhood, i often went to the zoo and farms. i personally really adore animals and i hope my children will too. also, i often went on walks round nature reserves and picking my own fruit from farms, i think this would be fun and is a good way to teach about health and the environment. i also remember loving going swimming and on day/weekend trips to the beach.

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i adored halloween as a kid!! when my kiddos are young and i still have control over their customes, i think a stitch costume, monsters inc and the wizard of oz themes are too adorable... imagine a little boo, sulley or dorothy!!! we used to have halloween parties as kids where we'd bob for apples, win awards for costumes and dance to spooky music and i would defo love to pass that on. pumpkin patches are becoming more common in the uk and i think that'd be a fun family day, then going home and carving the pumpkin which was always a highlight for me because it's so messy. also we are 100% watching 'the nightmare before christmas' every year.

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bonfire night/new years

honestly i think i'd celebrate both quite similarly, especially as i never really had a new years tradition in my family. bonfire night is a UK tradition i believe, it's also known as 'fireworks night.' i used to love playing with sparklers and going to a local event which had a massive fireworks display, comfort food and fairground rides. i loved getting bundled up in coats and scarfs and jumpers, gloves and beanies. something i never did but i think would be fun is roasting marshmallows over the bonfire. for new years however, i would like to attend a party, especially a family one.

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christmas is my all time favourite holiday!! i used to love decorating the tree and making my own decorations through some diy thing my mum found. making christmas cookies and gingerbread houses was always fun too. on christmas eve i would love to make personalised christmas boxes, put a pair of pyjamas and fluffy socks in them, then sit down with hot chocolates and watch christmas films. on christmas day we always have a big dinner, open our stockings and presents and play with them.

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for me i always dreaded sundays and i would love to change that for my children, even if i can't take away the dread of school. i like the idea of "self-care sundays" aka bubble baths, face masks, open conversations about mental health and whats on our minds. i also think routines stop stress so i think doing homework on sundays is actually a good thing and i'd love to help and support. ocassional family outings were something i always enjoyed, every sunday we went to an arcade in my family.

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now this one i can't predict but whatever my child is interested in and has a passion for, i would love to nurture that and help them to do their best. my mum always indulged my passions, even if it was a whim.

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i fully believe travelling teaches children, and adults, so much and its some of my favourite memories with my family. my dream destinations, some i have been to already, Paris, Rome, Disneyland, Ibiza, Santorini and Venice.

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my family regularly went on outings, especially when i was young. my favourites were educational trips, surprisingly, especially when they're made fun. also free trips such as walks in nature. every year where i live, actually normally on my birthday, there is a huge funfair and i always went as a kid.