Hi, so I recently found some really nice small tattoos. I figured I should share them and hopefully get you guys inspired as well. I thought I would make it fun by matching the motifs with personality traits.

Rose - for the classic

tattoo, rose, and black image

Cat - for the animal lover

cat, tattoo, and animal image

Quote - for the deep

tattoo, nails, and body image

Q - for the powerful

Temporarily removed

Unicorn - for the mythical

unicorn, tattoo, and tatto image

Seahorse - for the fish on land

Temporarily removed

The world - for the traveller

Image removed

Bird - for the free spirit

tattoo, bird, and black image

Tree - for the down to earth

boho, girl, and grunge image

Books - for the well read

Image removed

Moon - for the spiritual

Temporarily removed

Dragonfly - for those who live in the moment

awesome, dragonfly, and hand image

Owl - for the wise

Image by Kaitlyn

All people are not just one thing. You have muntiple deapths to your personality - so maybe a combination tattoo? Se the head picture with the cat and the moon.

Hope you liked it :)