Since I'm going to be graduating soon, I wanted to throwback a bit to my time in high school. I thought that maybe I could offer some advice for upcoming freshmen and let you learn from my mistakes.

1. Drama

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Throughout my high school years, I have dealt with the most outright pointless BS drama. I had many "friends" that were on and off again that I wish I would have just cut off from the beginning. Removing a negative person from your life is like lifting the weight of the world from your shoulders. Some of the drama you are going to deal with is never ever going to matter in about a year or two. You're friends with a two different people that don't like each other and one of them gets mad? Literally, who cares? It's pointless to even sit and listen to. A lot of these toxic friends I had would constantly have some sort of dramatic thing going on that they would drag me into, usually something that started with a rumor. It was always either someone hacked someone, someone said something about this person, someone stole this person's boyfriend, and etc. I am happy to say that I don't even give anyone like that the time of day anymore. I hear many of the younger students now complaining about petty drama and I can't help but just laugh. It's silly to let a stupid situation effect your mood constantly or bring you down. Drama is annoying and no one actually likes it. (Unless it's from Regina George. We love that bitch.)

2. Partying

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So maybe I'm not the one to offer much advice in this area. I have only been to one party in my high school years, and I only stayed for about thirty minutes before I got terrified and left. I remember my friend texting me an address and asking me if I would come. I had never been to a party before, so I thought I'd just go ahead and give it a try. As I pulled up I realized it was everything I had expected it to be. Just know that the movies are definitely spot-on with the portrayal of a high school party. There's people smoking weed on the front lawn, music blasting from inside the house, people running outside to puke in the bushes, girls throwing it back on guys they've never met and a whole lot of bud light. I remember seeing our town's drug dealer sat at a table with a ton of girls surrounding him and trying to seduce him. Even with all these beautiful girls surrounding him he said "Theres too many dudes and not enough bitches.", which is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. For me, the party was kind of awkward. My friend introduced me to a ton of different people, all of which were way too faded to even remember me. I actually didn't even do any type of smoking or drinking that night. I followed my friend around like a lost puppy until someone shouted that the cops were coming, so I quickly went to my car and got out of there. Turns out it wasn't true, but I didn't wanna take any risks. Basically what I'm saying is that partying is kind of stupid, but if you are going to do it be safe. Don't get wasted and then plan to drive yourself home. Also, your parents probably aren't as stupid as you think, so don't come home smelling like weed and Budweiser or you're probably toast.

3. Drugs/Alcohol

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Spoiler alert: Drinking and doing drugs doesn't make you cool! You should never feel peer pressured to do something you don't want to do. However, if it is your choice, be responsible. The only time I ever did any time of mind-altering thing was when I was at a friends house or in my own home. You're in high school, and you are likely to start trying new things. The first time I smoked weed was with my friend in her bedroom. We made used a pipe that she borrowed from a friend and blew the smoke out of her window, covering our mouths with a towel to muffle our coughs so her parents wouldn't catch us. From my experience, I'd say weed isn't my thing. It honestly just makes me act really stupid and I have no control over the things I say. Also, alcohol just makes you pee a lot. Nothing significant there either.

4. Juuling

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If you walk into that big bathroom stall in every school restroom and smell fruit punch or mango, chances are it's because the crew just left after vaping up a storm. This is why so many high school students start vaping! One friend starts, another friend tries it, then that friend starts and passes it on to the next friend. This cycle just repeats itself over and over again. Juuling isn't cool and it's ruining your lungs. Yes it might be better than cigarettes, but it's not safe either! Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who has a nicotine addiction from juuling. I honestly wish I'd never started it. Take my advice, if someone offers you a hit, just say no. It's just spicy flavored wind that you're inhaling, there is nothing cool about it. Unless you wanna waste 15 bucks a week and put yourself at risk for popcorn lung, don't start juuling!

5. Grades

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I spent a lot of my time in high school worrying over grades constantly. I know I am about to sound like a mom, but believe me when I tell you that you need your education. Yes, it is a stupid, very flawed system at times, but it's important. Most jobs require that you have at least a high school diploma. I know that school can be very stressful. Trust me, i have the worst anxiety and I allow it to hold me back sometimes. However, I don't recommend saying "screw it!" when you first start off your high school career. I have many friends who have done this and they completely regret it now that they are seniors. A lot of their opportunities for college and scholarship opportunities have been taken away because their GPA is not high enough. It is very difficult to get your GPA up, but very easy to bring it down. All I'm telling you is that you should definitely try your best in school. Don't let it overwhelm you to a point that you're crying over a pre-calculus book at 3 A.M, but work hard and strive to be the best that you can. Not everyone is great at math and not everyone is great at English. Some people struggle in some areas but are strong in others. This should not discourage you and it does not make you any less of a person! You can do this!

6. Relationships

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I went through a ton of different "boyfriends" while in high school. The reason I say "boyfriend" is because most of them were less than a week-long and had no significant meaning or value. Having a significant other is nice, but many high schoolers rush into it without a second thought. You should never date someone just to pass time. If you are in a relationship with someone, the ultimate goal is to remain happy with that person and provide them with unconditional love and support. You do not have to be in a relationship right now! You are very young and you don't have to feel rushed to find "the one" just yet. Being single is not a bad thing, it gives you time to focus on yourself as a person. You don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend just to have companionship. There are plenty of friends you can make that will be there for you as well.

That's about all the advice I currently have. Maybe you guys can take something from this, even if it's just a laugh at me and the dumb things I got up to. Thanks for reading. ♡