Why are we afraid to be ouselves?

If only I could be thinner, higher, shorter, more beautiful.. keep tracking as long as you want.
But I want to tell you something.
If you would be all of that, that wouldn' be you anymore. That would be someone else, someone from the magazine, TV, someone that you saw on the street, but not you.
And even if you achieve all of that, do you think that you would be happier?

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Do things that you like, things that make you happy. There is noting more beautiful and you are the prettiest when you are happy and when your eyes are sparkling!

There is no other version of you on this planet. Just be you, don't be afraid to be yourself. There is not better you here.

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What do you like to do? What are your hobbies?
Do more of that.
If you wanna change, change because you want, not for the others. Other people can be there, or not. You don't need anyone around you that doesn't like you in the way you are.

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If they want to change you, let them find another person, they are not for you.

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If you like to dance, dance, it doesn't matter if you don't know right steps.
If you like to sing, sing, who cares if the glass around you crashes?

Just do things that make you happy, that are inspiring you, be proud of yourself, because you are perfect just in the way that you are! Always remember that.

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