Hello babes! I decided to create a fictional character for X-Men universe because I'm a huge fan and I want to dedicate it to our dear creator, Mr Stan Lee. I'm so thankful for everything he gave us, for his magnificent mind and his immense strength and impact on humanity. Thank you, Stan Lee for being such a strong influence and amazing, creative, imaginative human being. Thank you for my magical childhood filled with various superheroes I look up to every day.
Rest in peace, the world will never be the same without you.
As for you guys, I made this with a lot of things in my mind as an inspiration. Please don't misunderstand this as an attention seeking attempt. Hope you'll like it!

Name: Eira Frigg Kędzierski
Alias: Teryn
Age: Unknown/Aprox. 25
Gender: Female
Species: Homo sapiens superior
Universe: Earth-616

Superowers: Geokinesis and Phyllokinesis, Oneiromancy.

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Physical appearance:

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Eira was born with honey blonde curly hair, but when she used her powers for the first time, it became the color of earth, dark brown with a few golden locks here and there. Her eyes change from brown to emerald when she uses her phyllokinetic powers. She has golden tattoos on her back, descending from her neck down the spine that look like roots, and they branch out to her arms forming flowers and leaves that glow every time she grows a tree or a flower. Every time oneiromancy occurs, usually at night, in the morning she wakes up with small blood-coloured lines around her eyes and mouth, so everyone knows she had a prophetic dream. She's of average height and weight, really gentle and soft, small face and full lips.

Family: - Hedda Marie Blom (mother, status unknown, Arachnid Manipulation, Fear Inducement )
- Dorian Kędzierski (father, status unknown, human)
- Milo Kędzierski (brother, alive, Shapeshifting)
- Maximilian Kędzierski (brother, alive, Shapeshifting)

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Very casual, dark colours mostly to compliment her superpowers, loves wine coloured lipstick in the evenings, graphic t-shirts, jumpers, denim jeans... A lot of rings. Hell yeah.


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She was born in Örebro, Sweden. Her mother was Swedish, and her father was Polish so she grew up bilingual. Her mother was a mutant too and her father was human, well aware of his wife's powers. When Eira was born, there were no signs that she had superpowers at all. In the meantime, her parents, somewhat relieved that their daughter would not be a victim of mockery and torture from other humans, decided to expand their family. It wasn't until her twin brothers Milo and Maximilian, were born that she expressed her superpowers for the first time, at the age of 9. She couldn't control her geokinetic powers and she induced an earthquake that caused a lot of controversy and panic among people in the city, so her family fled and was forced to move frequently due to hers and her brothers' still uncontrolled powers. Her brothers were primarily shapeshifters, so they often raised suspicions. She was an adolescent when here parents were taken away for investigation and they never came back. Eira and the twins went hiking unaware of the unfortunate events that took place in their absence. They were left with nothing and the only option was to flee the country.

Current location:

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Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters (Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach)

Closest friends:

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Milo and Maximilian, Magma, Angel, Colossus, Karma.

Background story:

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After Eira, Milo and Maximilian had escaped persecution, the first stop was their father's hometown Szczecin. They spent some time hiding and trying to figure out the solution, to find other mutants and learn more about their powers, but that wasn't the happiest place to be at the moment so their clues led them to East Berlin. They found Angel there, but he wasn't interested in cooperating. Coincidentally, they met Raven and she told them about Professor Xavier. She soon disappeared, taking Nightcrawler with her, and the three siblings set on their way to New York. They went into hiding until the school was reconstructed and finally settled, Milo and Maximilian as students, and Eira was a trainee and a new X-Men recruit.


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Gardening, obviously, reading - mostly about Norse and Slavic mythology, painting, listening to music and collecting records,
origami and learning new languages.

Love interest:

At first it was Angel, but then she met Colossus who used to watch her while she was taking care of the garden in the back. One day he approached her, but she induced a small earthquake because she was scared. That's how she got her X-Men name, Colossus was determined to find a suiting name after she told him that she does not want her name to represent her dark past and they spent a lot of time together in the library. They're both artistic and gentle souls despite their destructive nature, so they clicked instantly.

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Eira - originates in Old Norse and means "merciful", but it can also mean "snow".
Kędzierski - derives from
kędzierzawy (Polish) which means "curly" as in "people with curly hair".

Teryn - I believe this is obvious, it derives from terra (lat.earth).
Oneiromancy - The power to gain insight into a question or situation by way of dreams. Followed by Oneiric divinations and prophecies.
Geokinesis and Phyllokinesis - ability to manipulate earth, soil, rocks and sorts, also to grow plants and trees.

I hope you like it because I spend three hours working on it. Anyway, I am a huge fan of X-Men but the timeline is so confusing and if you think that some events don't match the original story, you can message me so we can change it, but in the Marvel universe everything makes sense even if it doesn't. Thank you for reading, I'll be back with new articles and new ideas soon.

Rest in Peace, Legend! (1922-2018).

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