I promised to do another part if you guys liked the first one sooo here we are!
If you haven't read my first article, you can find it here:

Here's some other tips that I find useful in my everyday life:

1. try to find at least one positive thing about your day

Maybe you are going to see your friends or take your favorite class: it could be actually anything.
For me: reading!

friend, girl, and girls image girl, book, and reading image

2. listen to some good music

There's nothing a good music session can't fix. Well, not anything but it will definitely fix your mood!

Here's some of my favorite and classic feel good songs:

"Walking on sunshine"
"Best day of my life"

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3. go outside!

You get a little bit of fresh air, maybe walk around the park or around the shore...

winter, dog, and snow image girl, mountains, and nature image

4. exercise regularly

This has actually helped me a lot.
It's scientifically proven that exercise releases feel-good hormones in your brain and thus makes you feel good.

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5. eat and sleep well

Well this one is kinda hard for me, tbh.
But sleeping is more important than I care to imagine and eating well has a enormous effect on your body.

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6. help someone else

Yes - this is actually true. So simple.
In conclusion you can help yourself by helping others.
Seeing someone else happy makes you automatically feel better - and you made that happen!

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There you go: more ways to feel more positive!

And btw if you have some questions that you'd like to ask me about life, school or actually anything, don't be afraid to ask!

See ya,