Hello! I believe that article will help you in productive learning...I write it instead of studying. I write this also to learn English (my English isn’t very good ‘cause I am Polish) so... can you write to me when you will find any mistakes? Thanks!

Listening Mozart

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I know it sounds weird, but it works! When you listening Mozart you can focus.

Colorful notes

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When you make colorful notes, you pay more attention to them. This is because colors attract interest.

Drink water

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Because coffee aren’t healthy, and water in large quantities it also energizes.

Do mind maps

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This is easy way to remember topics.

Do short breaks in learning

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Your brain need break! And I mean your arm too. When you work two hours your brain is like gelatinous jelly, and when you take a break it returns to its proper state.

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Eat fruits

‘cause there are very sweet, and work similarly water.

Teach your dog, cat, teddy bear, young sister, yourself, everything.

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When you teach you create an impression you know it. You are confident.

Thanks for reading!

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