Let's talk about crushes. Everyone knows them. Hate and love at the same time. Well, more specific this article is about my crushes.

First person is Tommy. What should I say my first crush kinda proposed to me when we were in kindergarten. I just smiled at him because I didn't know what 'marry someone' is. Today he's kinda one of these badboys who always liste to music.

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My second crush wasn't the boy who stole my kickboard but the one who helped me change the hight of my chair when I was in third grade. I know. What a Gentleman. He was a real cutie and his name is Liam.

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The next person is probably the boy I had the hardest crush on, Josh... until he started dating one of my friends. Yep that was it. At this time I was 13 or 14 years old. He liked to draw as much as I do and we had similar interests.

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Last year I had two crushes. But lets first talk about the musician: Dean.
He plays the violin (but also the guitar and the piano) and I'm pretty sure he's something like a music genius. And okay yeah his eyes are awesome.

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Last but not least: the athlete, Vincent. He's very sporty and intelligent (and goodlooking). He is the one you want to have discussions with for hours. Oh, and also he doesn't drink that often, he's the nice guy.

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Inspired by the book called 'To all the boys I've loved before'. I hope you like it :)