Hi beautiful people!

Sooo, I am going to share my monthly playlist with you guys! Excited? probably not, but i'm gonna do it anyways cause i'm annoying :) But if you want to follow me on Spotify my username is yassmin.idris or you can just click on the link in my bio!

A million dreams - P!nk

P!nk, pink, and alecia moore image hugh jackman image

Be alright - Dean Lewis

artist, celebrity, and discover image artist, music, and dean lewis image

Deep down - Zhavia Ward

music, zhavia, and zhavia ward image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Love yourself - Justin Bieber

justin bieber and bieber image lisbon, portugal, and justin bieber image

One day - Tate McRae

Image removed tate mcrae and SYTYCD image

Fireproof - One Direction

Temporarily removed one direction, zayn malik, and liam payne image

thank you, next - Ariana Grande

ariana grande, ariana, and god is a woman image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image

when the party's over - Billie Eilish

aesthetic, aesthetics, and billie image aesthetic, billie, and light brown image

Speechless - Dan + Shay

dan and shay image dan and shay image

Normal - Sasha Sloan

art, artist, and bangs image sasha sloan image

Magic in the Hamptons - Social House, Lil Yachty

Love you anymore - Michael Bublé

christmas, sexy, and winter image micheal buble and ariana grande image

And that's it! wow, two articles less than one day apart! Not gonna lie, i'm a little bit proud of myself.

But I really hope you liked this article, thank you so much for reading it!

Stay humble, stay positive! I truly appreciate you!

All love,
Yassmin ♥