i truly believe that most humans don't do harm with the awareness they are doing so.
so, i do believe they just don't know they're harmful, because they don't question themselves.

i think each & everyone one of us should take some time, let's say each week to wonder : am I doing good ?

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it's not that hard once you get use to it.
all you have to do is :

  • take some time and ask yourself : did my actions hurt someone or made somone happier ?
  • could i be proud of the person i am today ?
  • do i wish they would be more person like me on earth ?
  • am i happy today ? (bc you also should think abt yourself, your happiness is important too <3)
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you will probably always hurt some people, because we all react differently, but there's a difference between being mean & selfish and being just not perfect.

here are a few things to "improve" yourself :

  • please don't gossip or insult others, it truly brings no good.
  • put yourself in their shoes. sometimes i'm really mad, but just thinking i can be wrong makes me see another point of view & is really more helpful than getting mad.
  • try each day to be kind & nice to others, they deserve it.
  • ignorance is the best weapon. don't waste your time on pointless debate & arguments, and use that time for positive things!
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i hope you liked this article, it was quick but oh well :)
as always take care, love you <3

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