Between my exams I had a three week period of absolutely nothing. During the first week I decided to take a break from the intense pressure, looming fear of failing and feeling borderline suicidal.

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During that time I indulged in all my guilty pleasures and lived my best life...until I got so bored I just sat on my bed for 15 minutes. I decided to write this article to help people live their best life without feeling like an absolute waste of space.

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1. Write an article
I recently got into writing articles and let me tell you it has been fun. (Lets hope for all you mobile gals about there that WeHeartIt pulls through and makes it possible to write an article on your phone because it gets tricky when you have to steal your mum's) It really takes your mind off things and before you know it time has already hit puberty, had its growth spurt and you're in the arms of your husband, crying, as it goes to college.

2. Write a book
disclaimer: this one might not be for everyone out there.
But, for those who have them creative juices flowing writing a book is something that will totally take up your time and you'll have fun with it. It gives you a sense of purpose and it makes you feel pretty good.

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Go read my book on wattpad I just posted the first chapter and I'm really excited to see how it goes.

3. Draw
This is also not for everyone but it does help especially when you're totally inspired. Get those creative juices flowing!

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a good collection for inspiration

4. Educate yourself
I know what you're thinking. Girl, I just suffered through countless hours of gaining knowledge just to get a job and survive and I know but I don't mean the stuff teachers at school teach you. I'm talking about educating yourself about life.

A lot of people go through life saying or doing whatever they want without really looking at the impact that its causing. In this modern age being ignorant really is a choice.

Learn about the laws of attraction, watch a documentary about marine life or read a book on feminism (definitely recommend this one). Do something that will help you grow as a person, that will help you be the change you want to see in the world.

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5. Cook or Bake
This one, I have to say is the one that tops that list. Not only do you appease your mother by taking initiative of cooking and trying to be a a good child (lmao) but you also learn ways of being self sufficient. It's also really fun until you ruin everything you make and just hate yourself :) (caution is advised)

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6. Discover new music
No need to explain this one. Yalls are all intellectuals.

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and that all for today folks