Leah Potter

Leah Lily Potter
July 31, 1980


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She was an exact replica of her mother down to the nose. Wide innocent emerald eyes, soft loving features, and an illuminating smile that made the sun seem dim. However she always has had a head full of bouncy brown curls, and whenever someone saw them they thought of her dad.


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She was known for her kindness in the oddest times to the people who most likely did not deserve it, and to most she was the bravest girl that ever crossed into Hogwarts. However that could not be farther from the truth. As she chased her brother into danger many thoughts telling her to run the other way clouded her head, and the only thing that kept her going was making sure he was safe. She was also a big rule follower and would often remind her friends of the consequences of there actions as she chased them. So how did the level headed Potter become best friends with the troublesome duo, well not even she remembers.


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"Loyal, ambitious, smart, and a sense of bravery you don't even know... Any house would do so the question is where to put you? I say... Gryffindor!"


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"The true match for a beech wand will be, if young, wise beyond his or her years, and if full-grown, rich in understanding and experience. Beech wands perform very weakly for the narrow-minded and intolerant. Such wizards and witches, having obtained a beech wand without having been suitably matched (yet coveting this most desirable, richly hued and highly prized wand wood), have often presented themselves at the homes of learned wandmakers such as myself, demanding to know the reason for their handsome wand’s lack of power. When properly matched, the beech wand is capable of a subtlety and artistry rarely seen in any other wood, hence its lustrous reputation."


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Her patronus, a fawn, represents innocence, rebirth, second chances, and maturing.


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Her biggest fear is not death itself, it is everyone she loves dying for her while she lives.


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So many of her favorite smells attacked her nose she disn't know what to make of it, but one thing was sure it smelled like Fred Weasley.

Favorite Classes

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Favorite Charms

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Love Interest

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How could she not fall for Fred Weasley, the one that took her by the hand and showed her all the beautiful things the world has to offer. He was the one that made her laugh when it seemed impossible, and he was the one that knew all her dark secrets.To someone looking in it seemed odd, Leah Potter the perfect prefect and Fred Weasley one of the biggest troublemakers Hogwarts has ever seen, but you know what they say like mother like daughter.


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"Those we love don't go away, they walk behind us everyday...unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear."

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