Good Monday, sweetheart.

How has your last week been? How is your next week going to be?

My days are a bit repetitive as I settled into my winter routine. A warm coat and a fuzzy hat are what I need to not succumb to the frigid Milan weather!

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And you? Do you have everything you need to survive? In case you don’t, shopping is always the best solution. While lovely boutiques and huge malls are fun to go to, my article today focuses on online shopping – and how to save money while doing so. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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While shopping…

A couple of tips that you might find useful while you are on your way to buy something new:

  • Use filters

This way you won’t get distracted by items that are certainly very nice, but not what you were looking for. If you are shopping for a white t-shirt, for example, be sure to filter out everything that’s not white or a t-shirt. You’ll be focused only on the products that meet your requirements and won’t lose time or money chasing clothes you don’t need.

  • Order by price

If you are looking for, say, sunglasses while you are on a budget, you don’t want to be distracted by beautiful Gucci shades you can’t afford. That’s why there is the “order by price” option, which can sometimes be substituted by a “price range” you can set.

  • Take a last look

Before you press “pay” and insert your credit card details, look at the items you placed in your shopping cart. Are they really necessary, or you put something in there you don’t really need? Be honest with yourself, and your bank account will thank you!

  • Confront prices

Sometimes different websites list different prices. Before choosing to buy from a specific retailer, look on Google if you can find the exact same item somewhere else for less. Sometimes buying directly from the manufacturer is cheaper, sometimes bigger retail stores offer higher discounts – you never know what the case might be, so research your options.

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It’s a Chrome, iPhone and Android App that allows you to save your favourite products from any shopping website on a profile page. Think of it as a “heart” button, or a “pin” on a Pinterest board. You can decide to use Shoptagr wherever you want: Asos, Zara, Mango, you name it! You select the product you desire, the size and model you want it, and it is saved. You’ll be notified with an email or on your browser when the item you saved is discounted, or there are variations or a restocking of what you designated.

So you won’t miss any great opportunity again. I love to browse new catalogues when the latest collection is out, and I Shoptag every single item would look great in my wardrobe. Thanks to this App, I am notified when the website is hosting any type of promotion, and I get a chance to buy the product I love for a lower price.

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Honey is another Chrome App that’s necessary when shopping online. When everything is set and your selected things are gathered in your virtual shopping bag, Honey automatically gives you coupon codes valid on the website you’re shopping on, already tried and verified by other users. This way you often receive a surprise discount!

And when you use a coupon code, you automatically receive bonus points that allow you to receive a Gift Card to spend in your favourite online shop. If what I wrote about this cool Chrome App intrigues you, click on my invitation code and install it on your browser to start shopping and saving. You'll receive a bonus!

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Subscribe to newsletters

This is a trick that often does wonders, but it takes a little patience. I have subscribed to the newsletters of all my favourite shopping websites. This way I am always informed about the flash sales and whatever the sellers have thought would have been a good idea.

Some website, such as Asos, have more sales than others, but it is also a good way to know about every type of deal: H&M often offers free shipping, and you wouldn’t imagine how many times I receive 50% discount coupon codes for Victoria’s Secret lingerie!

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Look for dupes

I hate that feeling you have when you really want to have something, but you just can’t afford it! But there are some products that can be obtained anyway, and for much less money. Dupes are just what the word suggests, duplicates of a much more expensive product, but sold by a lesser known or a cheaper brand.

If you are looking for the dupe of a specific lipstick or makeup item, you can use this tool to know what brands sell the same shades for cheaper:

Click and heart this article to receive some spot-on advice on makeup!

And if you are looking for a dupe of a designer product, you can check on Aileen’s blog The Baller on a Budget:

...or just Google “Name-of-Item dupe” for some suggestions.

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And here this week's article ends. Thanks a lot for reading it, and leave me a heart or a reaction to let me know if you liked it!

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