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Crushes are fun and unexpected. When someone catches your eye and all of a sudden all you can do is think about them. The world becomes more colorful and full of dreams and rainbows.
Now the question we all have when we get a crush is How do I make him like me?
If you want to know some small psychological tips and trick to get your crush more likely to like you, welcome to this article
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The other day I was sitting in class and all of a sudden my whole world turned upside down. Looking at this guy who I've been in same class with for weeks now something changed. Why he all of a sudden looked attractive to me, will remain a mystery for the rest of my life. * turns music on * I'm single as I can be ur single perfect for me...
Anyway I became obsessed with researching small hacks and tips on how to make your crush like you. You can expect articles on crushes on this bog now.
Now let's get into the article.
1. Dodles
This is more of "what not to do". Just a warning guys, do not doodle your name with your crushes surname or your initials together etc.
This is said to make you psychologically more attached to them and dead set on that relationship working out, which subconsciously puts a lot of pressure on you and n turn makes you more nervous around your crush.
Youre welcome.
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2. Hair
Long voluminous curly hair is said to be more psychologically attractive, this is because our minds subconsciously associate it with good health. Now you know why VS models usually have the same hairstyle and why mean girls in the movies always have curly hair.
So if you can't decide between curly and straight now you know which one is more likely to be subconsciously deemed more attractive.
Additionally hair is a huge indicator of health, so take that extra 20 minutes to use a hair mask and make sure not to bleach your hair to the point of where it looks like a mop on your head. Take care of those split ends and make sure your hair looks healthy.
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3. Hairl Flirting
There are 3 ways to flirt with your hair: "Up and Down" "single-handed twist" "double-handed twist"
"up and down"
Is when you grab your hair pul it up as if to put it in a ponytail, fidget around with it pretend not to like it and let it go, then do it again. This draws attention to your hair and can work well in class, especially if you've just washed your hair and it smells nice.
I'm sure you've seen twist before. Twisting your hair around your finger during a conversation with your crush is a form of light flirting. Just make sure not to overdo it.
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4. Scent
Have a signature scent, preferably a sweet one like vanilla or something with peppermint which subconsciously sparks attraction. Your scent will reach everyone in class before they can even see you. If your scent is nice and your crush likes the scent, it will help to connect the positive feelings he experiences when sensing that scent with you. Subconsciously you will be connected to this pleasant smell in his mind.
It is also good to put some perfume on your hair because your crush can smell it when he walks by you in the hallway or if he gives you a hug.
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5. Conversation
Leave the conversation during its peak point, don't let it reach the low when neither of you knows what to say and it gets awkward. By getting out during the most exciting part of the conversation you leave your crush wanting more.
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6. Hot and Cold
one of the most popular methods. This method has so many different ways it can be done but the one I like the most is: get him to be comfortable with you for a few days lets say, constantly say hi, compliment him a few times, make conversations, be friendly, show him attention let him get used to it and then all of a sudden stop. He will want it back because now you've taken it away and given him a taste of how it is to be without you. Now your crush has a feeling that something is missing and he will come chasing you.
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Hope you like this article my last one got 100 hearts and I'm shocked thank u so much. Good luck with your crushes, we're in this together. - So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory