Jennie from BLACKPINK dropped this bop today:

Here are some pictures to give the vibe off from the MV!

Temporarily removed garden, aesthetic, and green image garden and beautiful image flowers, garden, and aesthetic image flowers, garden, and nature image Image by .
I got sooo much alice in wonderland vibes
aesthetic, bedroom, and comfy image cute, sleep, and mask image bear and teddy image fashion, blue, and coffee image
alsoo 2013/2014 and chick flick-ish vibes
blue, purple, and aesthetic image summer, pool, and nature image beauty, eyeshadow, and glitter image art, beauty, and blue image
it was as if she wanted to take a quick dip in the pool before going to a party lol
architecture, gold, and aesthetic image art, ballroom, and interior image Temporarily removed aesthetic and white image
her dancing in that ballroom..ugh loveee
fashion, chanel, and dress image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Mature image black, shoes, and aesthetic image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image
this felt like a scene from a grunge movie, also she a chanel queeeen!!
dance, disco, and drinks image couple, black, and glitter image copper, bronze, and gold image aesthetic, bar, and grunge image
now that I'm doing this I see how much different places they filmed the mv...
girl, fashion, and black image Image by that's my grrrl car, theme, and white image Temporarily removed
the moment she looks at the camera and wind blows in her haaiirr!! lovelovelove!!
aesthetic, art, and graffiti image blackpink, jennie, and kpop image aesthetic, black, and dark image light, night, and carousel image
these scenes came as a surpriseee (not complaining thoo)
aesthetic, apartment building, and architecture image Temporarily removed chanel, lipstick, and red image john lennon, fan, and the beatles image
I want to know where they filmed thiss
building, city, and new york image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed sad and crying girls image
wasn't expecting a cry scene either
ballroom, bois, and castle image Temporarily removed black, fashion, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
LOVED thisss scene with all the girls dancing! made me think of a beyonce video!

OKAYYYY this was sooo much fun to do! I may be doing this to more music videos!
don't forget to check out the song!

- XOXO -

s a j e d a
s a j e d a


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