- 16

com, etsy, and sweet 16 image

Best movie
- 10 things i hate about you

love, heath ledger, and 10 things i hate about you image

Current time
- 10:47pm

apple, iphone, and ipad image

Drink you last had
- lemonade

summer and lemon image

Every day starts with...
- iced coffee

coffee, drink, and food image

Favourite song(s)
- anything by tyler the creator

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Game addiction
- any sims game

Abusive image

- 176cm (5'8)

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- track and field, music, travelling

workout image

- depends on the situation, oops

simpsons, the simpsons, and cartoon image

Killed someone?
- hell no lmao

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Last time you cried
- sometime today (mental health stuff)

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Middle name
- don't have one

sunset, sky, and grunge image

Number of siblings
- 2 younger sisters

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One wish
- for all sickness and diseases to be cured

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Person you last called/texted
- crush/bestfriend

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Questions you are always asked
- you are so tall why don't you play basketball? 🤣

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Reasons to smile
- the precious and beautiful world

asian, beautiful, and japan image

Song you last sang
- Hope XXXTentacion :(

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Tv series i adore
- Brooklyn 99

couple, ship, and tv series image

Underwear colour
- black Calvin's

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Vacation places
- NYC and Japan

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Worst habitat
- forgiving easily

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X-rays you've had
- lots on my lungs

love, kiss, and skeleton image

Your favourite food
- donuts

food, donuts, and chocolate image

Zodiac sign
- cancer

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