NAME : Hilda Esmeralda Whitemoon
AGE : 21
ZODIAC SIGN : Scorpion


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HAIR : Very long straight black hair

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EYES : Red and hypnotic

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MAKE-UP : Dark eye shadow, red lipstick and pale skin

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STYLE : Goth/gipsy

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TATTOOS : Roses, skulls, snakes, sun and moons.

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HOBBIES : -Art of crystals and stones;
-Making potions;
-Divination and Art of Tarots;
-Doing magic rituals into the forest;
-Taking care with the animals.

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POWERS : -Control of 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water);
-Transformation into animals (Animorphism);
-Mind reading and mental manipulation of other people's thoughts.
-Prediction of future.
-Healing or mortal touch.

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HOUSE : An ancient cottage into the wood. There's a laboratory where I practise magic and herbology.

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PETS : A black cat, a raven and a black horse

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