Since I was a kid I wanted to do something the world would remember me for. Become famous and loved, leave a visible mark, make progress.
But human memory is overrated. Even if you save the world from zombie apocalypse people will eventually forget and find someone new to worship.
So you have to learn to live for your own benefit not to please the others.

1. Love your body.
Eat, sleep, exercise, have sex. Do whatever you want to make your body comfortable and beautiful.

2. Surround yourself with people
Either good or bad people are there to make you feel something.

3. Learn to not give a fuck
Never care too much about things that can break you. Life is too short and our nerves are too fragile.

4. Be active
Try to constantly busy yourself with challenging tasks. Live an active life full of success and experiences. Fatigue will make you satisfied and happy.

5. Be you, do you, love you.
You are your own definition of perfection. Never let other people judge you for who you are as you are the most wonderful living being. Learn how to do yourself good and love yourself deeply.