"explain the meaning of your name."

well hello there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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This is my first article ever and to be frank I'm actually really excited. I love writing and I personally love reading other people's articles on We Heart It. I hope if anyone ever reads this, that they too can enjoy this 30 Day Writing Challenge just as much as I am looking forward to participating in it right now :)

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So to start, I have never really thought of my name as anything special really. It's pretty basic and many other girls my age share the same name.

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Anywho, my name is Briana and this is my interpretation of what its meaning actually means to me.

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The official meaning of my name when searched up on Google is strong, it's essentially the feminine version of Brian. I'm sure we've all heard that one before...

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For one part, I do feel that my name's meaning describes me as an individual. I've learned from a young age to be strong and to depend on myself. While I know that asking for help is not only a healthy habit, but an essential one as well, I know that my biggest motivation is myself. I like to think that I am capable of pulling myself from any turmoil I find myself in as long as I have the initiative and persistence to do so. After all, that is what my brothers and I were taught to do growing up.

At the age of eight, my mother turned to me and said, "quitters never win and winners never quit." Till this day it is still one of my favorite quotes of all time. Its cliche, but it works! For years I've used those words as inspiration to fuel my self-discovery and personal growth. They were a part of my adolescence because it taught me the importance of going against all odds, even when at times it's easier to just settle for comfort. I would like to look back someday and know that my accomplishments were a result of my work ethic and diligence. Therefore, I do believe that my name's meaning defines me in a way. (huge thanks to the best mom i could have ever asked for! she played a great role in shaping my personal growth and work ethic. mom if you're reading this.. i love youuuu <3 )

so um yeah this is a pic of namjoon smiling cause why not ! <3

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i hope u guys enjoyed my first ever writing post!

it's the the first of thirty that i will post on here over the span of 30 days :)

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well till next time loves <3

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