If you are planning to go on holidays this winter you definitely shouldn't miss Prague. As I am Prague born and I used to live there I can share some hot tips. 🔥

Prague is a beautiful medieval capital in the heart of Europe, one of a few cities which historical centre wasn't damaged during WWII. 💫


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Prague is often voted the most beautiful Christmas markets. Not only you can find delicious local food and beverages but also handcrafts. I recommend Old Times Square which are surrounded by beautiful medieval city centre.


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... than most of the European capitals. It has some very cozy hotels for good prices (such as Mama Shelter Hotel). I also recommend shopping in Manufaktura which is local cosmetics and handcraft store. Their products are all made in Czech Republic and the stores are just so local! (And they smell - oh so good as well)


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I bet you have seen pictures of Czech famous sweet pastry Trdelník which is typical for Prague. But also Langoše and some sausages are worth it!


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There is nothing that reminds me of Christmas in Prague more than the smell of mulled wine. You can get it in the market stalls and it is very nice way to warm yourself in cold evenings. There is also Grog sold as a hot beverage and it's made of rum. Delicious as well!


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There is a big Christmas tree on almost every square but the main one is on Old Times Square. And it is a spectacular one, almost as the one in New York!


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I mean what is more typical for Prague than the pubs? You can get typical Czech food, like goulash, schnizel which is called "řízek" with potato salad (which I recommend, it is quite heavy but it's worth it, and it is also typical food on Christmas Eve) and the best beer in the world and enjoy your company!


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There is never a better time to enjoy the local sightseeing then in winter with all the decorations, lights and snow. I recommend Prague Castle with its Golden aisle, which continues on the Kings trail to the Old Times Square, passing Charles bridge and old narrow streets like Karlova street. If you want to have a little overview on Prague I recommend Vyšehrad castle which is the first castle build in Prague (with a great legend stories!). It is on a hill but reachable with Metro (tube/underground/very cheap).

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I hope you like my recommendations and will use them 😊If you have any more questions feel free to ask me!

PS.: Please be respectful while in Prague. I think it is a beautiful place on Earth but I also know that tourists do a big harm to the city centre every year (maybe the cheap alcohol - so drink responsibly).