Hey everybody!

Make a list of your three favorite tv series

  • Riverdale:
riverdale and the midnight club image Temporarily removed
Who doesn't love this show? I'm watching it on air and I freaking love it! This season is the best yet! Team #Jughead forever!
  • Pretty Little Liars:
pretty little liars, pll, and ezria image Image by susailet
I watched this show one and I think it was really good. My favorite characters are Spencer and Toby!! You should definitely start to watch it asap.
  • Teen Wolf:
Image by Jackie teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image
This series was my life for years. Stiles and Scott and Malia and all of them! Aw... I miss them. I'm thinking of rewatching it, but I have other series to watch at the same time.

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