gryffindor ; pure-blood
third year
elliott's girlfriend ; best friends with kai


girl, beauty, and hair image fashion, outfit, and style image eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
short brown hair ; strong eyebrows ; green eyes ; a girly chic aesthetic


Image by ☁ quotes, words, and pink image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image quotes, art, and crying image
outwardly confident, but cries a lot ; has a huge love for the world and everything in it ; everyone is highkey in love with her but she doesn't know it

favorite class:

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astronomy ; only class that parallels with muggle classes ; loves the universe


green image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hogwarts, and plants image horror, movies, and Halloween image
exploring anywhere, especially forest of dean where she might find muggles ; talking in the gryffindor common house ; gardening ; watching scary movies (mainly with elliott)