hi everyone, i was inspired by:


malakai sinclaire

aesthetic, body, and clothes image girl, summer, and water image

birthday & star sign:

fifth of december, sagittarius

book, coffee, and aesthetic image Image removed



Mature image aesthetic, pink, and grunge image


ocean blue eyes, green hair, and a freckled covered face

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed art, makeup, and aesthetic image hair, green, and grunge image


grunge 80s

fashion, grunge, and aesthetic image 80s, aesthetic, and beauty image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion and girl image


malakai is bipolar. so the majority of the time, when she's not feeling up to it, she skips school. she began to fail her classes until hermione gave her her time turner. smokes week. doesn't care about what anyone says about her. swears a lot. a beach baby.

she never sugar coats things and always tells the truth, which has put her in sticky situations. she is very approachable and helps others in need. she is also in the process of concocting her own immortality spell.

quotes, bad reputation, and bad image vika bronova image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image hourglass image


she is very creative and artistic. she loves experimenting. she loves reading and wants to become a writer. she also loves food and greek mythology

book and fashion image art and museum image food, dessert, and sweet image poseidon, statue, and god image



green, nature, and plants image slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image green, plants, and aesthetic image Image removed

best friends:

draco malfoy and hermione granger

boy, aesthetic, and grunge image Image removed brown, curly, and girl image boy, tattoo, and hair image


harry potter and ron weasley

boy, ulzzang, and korean image boy, ginger, and aesthetic image Image by ☁ asian, boy, and ulzzang image


ginny weasley

hair, girl, and beautiful image tattoo image laranja, orange, and orange hair image love, kiss, and couple image



dragon, game of thrones, and egg image cat, animal, and kitten image cat, cute, and animal image aesthetic, black and white, and dragon image


10", hawthorn, unicorn hair, reasonably springy

harry potter, wand, and magic image harry potter, wand, and aesthetic image



animal, deer, and nature image animal, bambi, and mignon image

blood status: pureblood

Abusive image hands image

favourite classes:

herbology and potions

castle, garden, and greenery image herbs image

favourite professor: professor dumbledore

dumbledore, harry potter, and funny image dumbledore, expecto patronum, and girl image

quidditch position:


harry potter, broomstick, and autumn image Temporarily removed

favourite spell:

vulnera sanentur

forest, tree, and nature image cat, animal, and cute image

favourite place:

under the sky, in the ocean, and in a library

book, girl, and black image sky, pink, and grunge image Temporarily removed beach, black, and gloomy image

thank you for reading!