Hi everyone long time no see! hope you have all been good today I am telling you my school morning routine enjoy xx

5:30-wake up
I wake up at 5:30 so I have enough time to get ready. When I wake up I will check my phone and any notifications that I had missed when I was sleeping.
After checking my phone I will drag myself out of bed and hop into the shower I will wash my hair then when I get out I would put on some moisturiser.
After the shower, I will put on my robe and head out for some breakfast every day it changes but mostly I would have cereal, I will also have a cup of tea and watch youtube or Netflix with eating
6:05-packing lunch
I will start packing my lunch for the day normally it is some snacks and a salad for lunch
After I have finished everything in the kitchen I will head into the bathroom and do my skincare. I will put on some facewash and moisturiser and a small amount of makeup, I will also do my hair and brush my teeth.
6:30-Get dressed
When I get myself looking half presentable I will start getting dressed. My school has a uniform to wear which can be a blessing or a curse, I will put that on and put on the jewellery and also packing my bag.
6:40-Guinea pig time
I have a guinea pig and this is the time that I would give him some food and clean his home.
I will take this time to do any jobs that I have to do around the house as every person has to
7:15-free time
Now that I am done getting ready I will either watch some more videos or homework that I haven't finished
7:30-to school
I will put the last things in my bag, put on my shoes and get on the bus that would take me to school