Hi everyone! I'm posting autumn themed articles every Monday and Saturday up until the beginning of December! I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I love making them. Sending positve vibes everywhere around the world. Love you all! x


Ok, so I enjoy the fall in the sense that it's the best time to be a lot more bold with makeup. That being said, here are 5 looks that I've been wearing throughout the seasons. Let me know if you guys have any ideas!

Bold and Berry Merry

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Usually with this look, I wear a matte face without any highlight. I wear this whenever I'm going somewhere a little bit semi-formal. Sometimes I'll wear it to school, but only if I'm wearing something seasonal. It's a good one to do, but it's also one that I enjoy taking off by the end of the day, lol.

Shimmer Shimmer

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Obviously, this is the look that involves quite a bit of highlight. This is a look that I wear whenever I'm going to something formal. I often wear nude lips but make the eyes a tad bit bold with a half-cut crease. It's a really fun and easy look, but requires a bit of primer.

Basic, Bronze, and Beautiful

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This is a look I wear on formal occasions too, however if I want to wear something similar, I'd wear less highlight and make the base more matte. I use the 35F Morphe Palette to make the eyes, as it's my favourite palette for shimmers.

Rosey and Ready

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This is definitely a casual look that takes me the maximum of five or seven minutes to do. I consider this my every-day go-to look and it's something that you should definitely wear if you're in a hurry or wanna go back to basics.

Much Love

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This is one of those looks where I like being a little bold but also a little bit natural. I love just making myself look a little more presentable. It's definitely what you would consider casual, or semi-formal.


Thank you guys so much for reading these articles. They mean the world to me, and I enjoy when you guys heart them or message me. Honestly I'm so happy that this website was recommeded to me by an old friend, because I enjoy going on here so much. It's such a positive platform and I've had never experienced any negativity. I look foward to seeing you guys Saturday (or maybe sooner).


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