hello loves!

i recently stumbled across an article a girl by the name of mimi wrote after she hit 5k. it's a collab called 'The Sparkle Team,' and if you want to know more just read the article below!

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who am i?

my name is kirsten. i am fifteen years old, and i've been on whi for about 2 years now.

i first joined to look at quotes that i could use for my instagram captions, but now i've come to learn that (for me) it's about creating inspiring collections and meeting new people!

i would love to be a part of the team so i can create more articles and make new friends. i feel like i would be a perfect addition to the team because of my personality!

i'd say that i'm a caring, responsible person. i love to help others. i work well in groups and i'm pretty talkative, so communication shouldn't be a problem.

some fun facts about me:

- i love reading and writing

- i like surfing, though i'm not very good (yet!)

- my favorite color is blue

- my friends say i'm addicted to coffee, but i like to think of myself as a coffee enthusiast:))

- i'm in a program for both high school and college credit, so when i graduate in 2 years i'll have my associates degree. i think because of this school, i have become a more responsible and hardworking individual.

and that's it!
thank you so much for reading, and letting me 'apply' for this wonderful opportunity. i hope to be considered for the team! ♡

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make sure to read the article at the beginning of the post. if you're still confused or have questions send a message to the creator of the team, mimi.