Name; Rochell Rivers


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Rochell's mother died at childbirth and her father left her at the age of three. The Mikaelson's took her under their wing. They considered her as their own. She was turned alongside the rest.


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Rochell has long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, freckles, rosy lips, and tan skin


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Rochell is a very independent, does as she pleases, can be a bitch when she wants to, and she has a big heart, but no matter what she doesn't let her feelings control her


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Rebekah Mikaelson, Rebekah was the only girl who she could relate to and talk to when you had problems.

love interest

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Stefan Salvatore, once Klaus managed to get Stefan to leave his humanity and be by his side you joined them. In that time you found a way to help Stefan keep some of his humanity. Neither Rebehak nor Klaus agreed, but you still went against their belief.


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Elena Gilbert, she didn't like you based on the fact that you were related to Klaus
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Caroline Forbes, you and Caroline got off on the wrong foot, but regardless you manage to get along with for the sake for Klaus
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Katerina Pierce, you've hated her from the moment she came into your family's home. You knew she couldn't be trusted

human or animal blood

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You mostly take human blood, but if you were in desperate need you would take animal blood.