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What Does Love Mean To You?

I did an article earlier asking people what's their definition of love so i'll use what I put there in here!

What love means to me is that love is caring about someone more than yourself and wanting them to have everything they want even if it hurts you

Why Do You Think We Fall In Love?

I think we fall in love because there is someone out there somewhere in the world who will loves us with all of their hearts, Some of us have met them already some of us haven't yet. But none of us deserves to be lonely! We all deserve someone to love!

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

No I don't, Because first of all you would be falling for them only because of their appearance and not for their personality! If you truly love someone it wouldn't be for their looks! It would be for who they are as a person!

Do You Consider Yourself A Romantic Person?

I don't think i'm that romantic...I don't show much affection towards the guy I love. I'm more I dunno how to phrase it...uhh...Not into that lovey dovey stuff? (I guess thats how I put it). But sometimes I can be more affectionate and lovey. I guess it depends on my mood.

What In Your Opinion Is The Best Part About Being In Love?

Being with the one person you truly care about and love it's one of the best feelings you could possibly get! You feel amazing! Just imagine being with the person you love and being able to stay by their side, Even if it's not for long. But it'll still feel amazing

Have You Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Can't Have?

No, The person I love is with me right now! It makes me the happiest girl alive to have him with me! On my older article I wrote I said I have fallen in love, But it wasn't love, It was never love. It was just a crush. But now that I've experienced love I know what it feels like and that definitely wasn't it.

What Do You Expect From The Person You Love?

I expect true love, Not the ones in the movies where it's perfect. I expect their to have flaws and problems because to have a healthy relationship you need to have at least a few flaws. But that's what you love about each other...The flaws

Have You Already Found The Love Of Your Life?

I believe I have, But what do I know? I'm just a girl experiencing my first love. But I really hope he's the love of my life, Because he is my life

Do You Think Love Can Be Forever?

Yes! I really hope my love and I last forever! He means the world to me! I love him to death! To the moon and back! He's my everything! My life!

How Do You Make Others Feel Loved?

By listening, caring, understanding, being supportive of them! Friends or boyfriend it's what I do! I do a lot more to show my family, friends and lover that I love them because they're all super duper important to me! I don't know what I would do without them


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