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There are so many beautiful and wonderful languages to learn; you can learn a language because you simply love the sound of it, because you are interested their the culture and would like to know more about it, because you love the country and the people that speak it and you would possibly like to live there, because you are interested in the jobs that country offers, etc. Whatever your reason is, I encourage you to go ahead and start learning it. Right now, there are so many easy and fun ways to learn a language that you don't have to enroll in an academy, you can learn from home, with a group of friends, with books, movies, or/and videos.

At the present time, the ten most spoken languages are Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Punjabi. Apart from giving you the possibility to communicate with many more people around the world, learning a second language has many more benefits, such as: boosting brain power, sharpens the mind, improving intelligence, and a bigger scale of career choices and job opportunities.

The language I currently love and am learning is French. I find the sound of its words and sentences so sweet and gentle; like a melody to my ears. Here are some of my favorite words and sentences in French, plus a small beginners guide.

My favorite worlds:

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Le ciel - the sky
Merci - thank you
Papillon - butterfly
Rêver - To dream
Ami - friend
Joyeux Anniversaire - happy birthday!
Bon Matin or bonjour - good morning
Bonne nuit - good night

Favorite Sentences:

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La vie en rose - life in pink.
Je t’aime bien - i like you.
Je t’aime mon amour - I love you my love.
La vie est belle - life is beautiful.
J’adore dormir - I love sleeping.
J’aime le café - I love coffee.

Small Beginners Guide:

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Bonjour - hello
Au revoir - goodbye

Merci - thank you
De rien - you’re welcome

Comment ça va? - how are you?
Quelle âge as-tu?- how old are you?
Comment tu t’appelles? - what's your name?

Ça va bien- everything is good, thank you.
J’ai dix-sept ans - I am seventeen years old.
Je m’appelle Ana - my name is Ana.

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