Hello beauties! It’s Ale! Today I thought I'd do a Glossier review. If you haven't heard of this brand, it's a makeup and skincare brand that likes to cater to the "natural no makeup" look. Their products have a very minimalistic, girly aesthetic. Their vibe is very natural, glowy, pretty, and pastel. I bought a bunch of their products a little over two months ago, and I think enough time has passed for me to see changes in my skin. So let's get to it!

1 | Skincare

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  • Milk Jelly Cleanser: is a creamy face wash. It's soft and feels super nice, it's a very good cleanser for after removing makeup, before exfoliating.
  • Exfoliating Solution: is essentially what saved my skin. No joke. I use it in the mornings and nights, before and after makeup. This clears up my pimples in two days!
  • Priming Moisturizer: it is very hydrating, though feels like a sunscreen. I find that it does help with smoothing the makeup into the face.
  • Zit Stick: it's a marker looking tube that contains a cream to use on pimples/zits. It helps to reduce the redness and to mature the pimple/zit so it goes away faster. I love this! It really makes them go away quick! I like to use it overnight.
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  • Rose Water Spray: It's a misting spray that smells like roses. It's good for making sure your skin is hydrated, especially for those hard to moisturize dry patches. I like it as a finishing touch to my skincare routine!
  • Super Serums: glossier has three serums Pure, Bounce, and Glow. They all have different purposes and properties, which make them very versatile to add throughout your routine. Pure is for breakout-prone skin, Bounce is for tight-looking skin, and Glow is for dull-looking skin. I like to use Pure only on my breakout zones, Bounce only at night, and Glow only in the morning.
  • Balm Dotcom: I have the coconut flavor! I love this lip balm; it's so soft and hydrating. Plus, it's so pretty looking!

2 | Makeup

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  • Skin Tint: the name is exactly what this product is. It's a very sheer tinting moisturizer. It evens out your skin tone, but doesn't provide a lot of coverage; it's for a very natural minimal look. I admit I don't see that much difference in my skin, but it's still a nice layer of moisturizer.
  • Stretch Concealer: the concealer is almost the same as the skin tint, except it does have a bit more coverage. Glossier is for the "your skin but better" look, so their products are not meant to hide imperfections. However, I do love how it naturally evens out my dark circles, and discoloration.
  • Wowder Powder: this setting powder is amazing! It’s sheer, so I do not recommend baking with it (if you have dry under eyes please don't bake whatsoever, it makes it worse!). It sets my makeup beautifully and adds a nice layer of minimal coverage to the makeup, so it makes everything look brighter and it actually looks like skin! Not cakey at all!
  • Cloud Paint: these cream blushes are so beautiful! They literally look like sunset/sunrise clouds! I have the colors Beam (peachy coral) and Dawn (citrus orange) and my skin looks so healthy, glowy, natural, and pretty with these! The tube is smaller than what I expected, but a little goes a long way, so use minimal dollops, and don't be intimidated by the creamy consistency they are extremely easy to blend!
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  • Lash Slick: this mascara is one of the best I've tried so far! It's for lengthening the lashes, so if you're looking for volume I recommend Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof mascara. Glossier's mascara isn't clumpy, the wand is just the right size, and I love that the bristles allow for each lash strand to get evenly coated. It literally looks like falsies.
  • Boy Brow: this brow gel is so easy to work with! It's super blendable, and I like that the wand is tiny so I have more control when coating my brows. I got the color black, and my brows look full, thick, and yet so natural!
  • Lip Gloss: this gloss reminds me of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. It smells amazing, and it feels so smooth! It's clear, so it doesn't tint the lips, but it does wear off easily so be prepared to commit! I do wish the tube were bigger, however, the gloss does make my lips look glowy, hydrated, and juicy!

_— Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review, and give Glossier a try! I'll leave a link down below where you can get 10% off your first order! (not an ad, and not sponsored!)



This article was written by @alexandratejada on the We Heart It Writer’s Team