When I started playing soccer at the age of 5, I became a member of a soccer club that was mixed .Even though we were a team of 13 and there were only three girls including me, I felt equal to the boys in the team. Two years later our coach retired and we got a new one. He didn’t like the idea of girls in a soccer team and because he couldn’t kick us out of the team he only let us sit on the bench and get water for the boys. I was really confused, I mean I was 7 years old and I had no idea why he didn’t let us play the matches. I thought maybe he just wanted to protect us from getting injured because girls have thinner bones than boys or something like that. When one of the other girls asked her parents why the new coach doesn’t let us play anymore, the parents called the club president and there was a huge arguement with the whole team. At the end they had to let us play but the atmosphere was not the happiest I´ve ever played in.

Then I got older and when people used phrases like “he runs like a girl”, or “act like a man!” I began to realize why the coach didn´t like girls playing in the team. I felt very upset and unfairly treated and since then, when someone tells me to not act like a girl they regret it in the end.

Today (like I said) I´ll talk about why I think separating girls and boys into two teams instead of mixing them into one, is sexsism.

My main point is how you can see in my story the effect that it has on a woman´s whole life.You probably think it may only count for girls because once you get older you get treated equally, but let me ask you a question.

Have you ever thought about the amount of money a female soccer player gets paid compared to what a male player gets paid annually t?For example let´s take a look at Marta Vieira da Silva, the highest paid female soccer player.The 29 year old player from FC Rosenguard gets paid 500.000 $ per year. That sounds like a good amount of money right? Now let´s take a look at what the highest paid male soccer player earns. Lionel Messi, who plays for Barca is paid 84 million $ for salary and winnings every year.But wait, also he earns 27$ for endorsements which makes a total of about 111 million $ all in all.

Of course you can argue about if male soccer players are better than females because of their physique or their condition but is it really fair to get paid 110 mil $ less because you are female?
Also when someone mentions the names Neymar or Ronaldo it will most definitly sound familiar to you. But have you ever heard of Birgit Prinz or do you know who won the last woman´s world cup ? Can you explain why if you´re a guy you just say that you play soccer and if you´re a girl that you play girls soccer?

Me neither. I think we have to realize that we live in the 21st century and that woman aren´t only here to stand in the kitchen and watch men playing sports. You might be thinking that I am overdramatizing and that the world moved on but did you know that in 2012 when Saudi-Arabian women participated in the Olympics for the first time in history, they were called prostitutes in their home country for doing sports in public?

You see, I understand when you say that you think that girls and boys teams should be seperated, so that it´s fair because of their physique and it´s less likely to get injured. But if you still think the reason for seperated teams is that boys play better than girls and that women shouldn´t play soccer because it doesn´t go with the image of a woman, I don´t have a problem with your opinion, I have a problem with your moral.

- My TED talk for american lit