It’s obvious that extroverts are “cool”, “fun”, and they’re definitely a lot more “relatable” than that try-hard perfectionist in math class that somehow nails every question. It seems that extroverts run school spirit, they’re the life of the party, and they set the trend of what’s hot and what’s not in the hallways. But we’re sick of hearing about them. By “we”, I mean us quiet-shy-slightly-smart kids, a group that many often classify as “introverts” and it’s about time that we start getting a little bit of credit for who we are rather than for how you perceive us.

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We’re rude.

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It’s true that most of the time we’re so focused that we naturally have this face that makes us seem like rude people, but trust me, if you give us a smile, chances are we’ll return it a thousand times brighter.

We hate people.

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There is a fine line between wanting to be alone and hating people. We enjoy our own company and we feel best spending our Friday nights reading or finishing up some light homework than talking to people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a social life. We talk to our friends usually only at school but we rarely ever bother to meet up on the weekends or on vacations. We don’t hate you. Sometimes we just want some space.

We’re generally quiet people.

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Believe it or not, but that statement is an entire lie. Like I mentioned before, it may because you only see us at school and at school we like to focus so we’re quiet, but outside of school… complete and utter chaos. In my perspective, there are two different classes of introverts. Type A are those who are sooo loud at home and are actually always in the mood for talking when they’re not in crowded or public places. Type B are ones who either talk a lot or not at all. I’m Type B, I can either be the life a of a conversation or I blend with the walls. There’s no in between.

We’re “nobodies”

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Extroverts are always credited for the smallest things they do, mainly because whatever they do, they create a lot of noise to go with it. Most people don't even second glance at introverts, whether we give a shy smile or win an Oscar, it's likely we'll be forgotten soon. It'd be nice if people considered us as walking souls with rich personalities... But I suppose no one will ever know the truth because introverts are introverts for a reason.

Despite all this, the majority of introverts have friends but prefer to be alone because they know how to create their own happiness.

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