When I wake up, I don't have a lot of time to do anything because I prioritize my sleep and I prefer going to bed late. So this is what I do

-30 Jumping Jacks
-30 butt kicks
-15 second sprint on the spot
-15 push-ups
-30 Russian twists
-20 sit-ups
-30 squats
Then I do lunges until I reach my kitchen


This is when I workout the most out of the whole day

I start with cardio. Depending on the day, I either run about 3km (I basically can't fucking run), run 20 minutes do a HIIT workout on an app or do a few sprints outside.

-40 sit-ups
-60 squats
-15 push-ups
-50 calf-lifts (you're on your tip-toes and go up and down without ever touching the ground)
-50 Russian twists
-30 bridges
-20 supermans

So this is basically what I try to do everyday. When I can, I try to go to the gym, run or watch TV on a bouncy ball, and I pretty much never turn down an opportunity to move or do a sport. On the weekend, I don't always do my morning workout but I compensate by doing something else during the day. I never force myself to do it because it's still supposed to be fun but I do encourage pushing yourself to your limits and give the best of yourself when working-out.