Name: Raven Luna Umbra Le Doux
Age: 17
Zodiac: Aquarius
Coven: The Sacred Lunar Divine Circle


eye, green, and eyes image beauty, makeup, and aesthetic image earrings, feminine, and jewelry image lips, aesthetic, and pink image
Golden skin, green eyes, full lips, straight hair


alone, break up, and broken image kill and quotes image

Positive: independent, intelligent, seductive, charming, outgoing, humble, competitive, deep-minded, assertive
Negative: manipulative, malicious, violent, blunt, bossy, aloof, mysterious


luxury, purple, and fur image Temporarily removed fashion, aesthetic, and jeans image fashion, purple, and aesthetic image
Very retro, loves purple


harry potter, hogwarts, and hp image emma watson, rupert grint, and friends image death, goth, and occult image book and witch image
potions, divination, necromancy


snake, black, and animal image Image by michaela snake, black, and animal image snake, black, and animal image
A black snake named Nia


autumn, book, and fall image candle, fire, and aesthetic image magic, witch, and book image fire, aesthetic, and house image
reading, witchcraft, partying, socializing, causing chaos

🌑🌑Best Friend

asian image fashion image accessories, denim, and details image accessories, beauty, and fashion image
A warlock named Aaron Crimson. They've known each other since middle school and bonded over their similarities.


fire, grunge, and tumblr image eyes, aesthetic, and boy image beige, grunge, and ulzzang image aesthetic, dark, and dove image
a street magician she met outside a bookstore. she found his passion cute.


aesthetic, architecture, and building image vampire image die, black, and dark image aesthetic, architecture, and black image
London, England