"So many years of education , yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves and why it's so important."

In this article i will discuss the importance of self love, some tips we all can use and self reflection. After reading , i hope all of you find this thought provoking.
(grab a snack bc this is kind of long lol)

Forgiveness - allow yourself to forgive yourself. Forgive those who have hurt you , forgive yourself for allowing negative energy and words get to you , Forgive those who are oblivious to your pain , Forgive people who has caused you mental or emotional pain. you cannot grow, if the past , grudges or revenge is all you seek. Allow yourself to cry , allow yourself to feel and release all the anger and sadness any relationship, friendship, family , ANYONE has done, because a bitter heart cannot contain the love you know you're capable of.

Self validation- stop limiting yourself as to what you can do , who you can be and how you're going to achieve anything. anything that is FOR YOU will come to you if you want it to . Anything you can picture in your mind, you can hold in your hand. speak positive words into the atmosphere , carry around positive energy. Being a young woman , i know we love compliments, but we must learn how to compliment ourselves even though sometimes it is difficult to accept validation from others if we do not believe its true . (which is why self compliments and self affirmation is the key to a healthy mindset)

Learn to say NO- having self respect is the most important one to me. Teach people how to treat you. Teach people how to talk to you. The way you carry yourself should attract the right people into your life (this is not always the case) but it can be. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty or selfish. Learn how to say no without worrying about what they have to say. You can't help or give to others if you are not taking care of yourself first (mentally,physically,emotionally,financially etc) Sometimes you have to look out for yourself.

Your opinion matters- Realize your beliefs and opinions are important and valuable as anyone else's. You dictate your own beliefs and should think for yourself . Especially in a time like this where a lot of people look to public figures to speak for them, it is relevant you believe what you want and stand behind it 100 percent. Free yourself from mental slavery. Be open minded , but not easily influenced.

Be honest with yourself- hold yourself accountable for the things you have done , things that hold you back from progression. Saying things like "that's just the way i am" or " i can't help it" can be the reason for you not growing mentally. To understand SOMETIMES you are wrong and to take responsibility in your own actions.

Let go of the past- Understand that everyone has a past that can be ugly , regretful or just plain BAD. Understand the past doesn't define you or your future (cliche) Society wants you to have such a fixed mindset , especially millennials. Remember your current situation , is not your final destination, and especially not the past.

remember ~ Self love isn't always about the physical beauty , its a lot deeper than just thinking you have a nice body or if you' re beautiful. self love is being free of who you are and not needing other people to tell you that. Self love is knowing no one has the same mind, heart , ethics or values AS YOU. Self love isn't just about bubble baths , face mask etc etc , self love should start from within and radiate from the inside out. ( although, pampering yourself can bring you a peace of mind as well)

i want to remind all my followers or anyone who may have fell upon this article that , There is PURPOSE to your life , even if you don't see it right now. You will make mistakes , you will find flaw and fail BUT you must learn to grow from them, and the way that can be possible is if you learn to accept the things you can't change and to GO GET/DO BETTER in every aspect of your life. Even though you might have a rough past YOU WILL grow and move forward. you must learn to accept the good and bad. Do things out of your comfort zone , try something new without worrying what others may think. When you are confident in what you do , think , or say , you don't have to chase or beg a soul to agree with it.

DON'T RUSH THE PROCESS- self love takes time , even though i'm not 100 percent there yet , writing it out, giving advice and speaking positivity into the atmosphere makes me have a different type of peace of mind.

In other words to be a successful , self loving women, follow these steps everyday :
1. Make time for yourself
2. Educate yourself
3. challenge yourself
4. Understand your guilt ,acknowledge it, and move forward
5. write out your goals to achieve for the week , month, year
6.celebrate your achievements whether big or small

thank you all for reading !!