When you have been broken by a person you would've never thought had the heart to do it, you get trust issues.

Hate to break it to you. But damn you get some serious trust issues.

But don't blame yourself for being "weak" or "overdramatic". It's totally okay to be careful, cautious, skeptical. It is okay. Don't feel like it wasn't a big deal, that you should man up. You were H U R T. You're allowed to be that way. Let me just tell you something...

If that person comes crawling back into your life, do NOT welcome him with open arms the second he says "hey". Don't. Think of what happened. Do you think that person really changed or just came back because he was bored and had no one else to talk to. Make sure that he actually means it.

I know that the second you see the text pop up, you get this feeling in your tummy, where you think you might just die or vomit or whatever.

To that person, you should be skeptical and cautious. To that person, it is even more okay to be that way. 101%

I don't exactly know what I'm trying to say, but I guess the main point I'm telling you is to be careful and don't let yourself be broken again. Especially by the person who broke you in the first place.