Hi cutiesโ™ฅ
Kind of crazy how this year is almost over. For now we have plenty time to finish out the year strong.. in this article, will be some fun things to fill your November with to make it a month to remember ;) haha lol ok let us begin!

1. Watch ALL of the Thanksgiving episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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More turkey, Mr. Chandler? (I C O N I C)

2. Start decorating for Christmas

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Decorating is seriously one of the most funnest parts of Christmas. You can either go ALL out, or keep it cute and simple. Either way the choice is totally yours. How early is too early to decorate? Plus it's fun :)

3. Stay focused on your studies

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This time of the year the school is almost over for the year. We are all itching to get into "Winter mode" But please keep focused and study hard. Get those good grades because you. can. do. IT!! Then you can enjoy all Winter break without the stress!

4. Indulge in new hobbies or strengthen your old ones

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Since the holidays re around, now might be a swell time to invest in any new hobbies you've had your mind on. Want to start doing Youtube videos for fun? do photography? Whatever it might be, give it a try now and bring it in to the new year โ™ฅ if you feel you have enough hobbies, learn more about your old ones and stick to them :)

5. Do one thing each day that is different

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One of the advantages of the holiday season is that it brings change. There's no denying it. Instead of waiting until New Year's why not start now? What is something you want to do but won't do because it scares you? Like for instance; making a friend at school.. someone you always wanted to say hello to..maybe you can have a familiar face around the hallways. This could fall under so many different categories. But even if you're still afraid, you still need to do something <3

6. Learn new Thanksgiving Recipes

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Cooking is soooo fun! Mix it up by learning some new recipes; ask your parents, grandparents whoever and start a new tradition of something yummy, new, and exciting!

7. Storm up Christmas present ideas

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The benefit of this is making sure to get your special ones a memorable gift. It does not have to be expensive, but the thought always counts :) Pinterest is FULL of DIY goodies. SO if you love crafty gifts, I suggest doing this. You'll have fun and blow your loved ones mind away <3


Sorry this article wasn't top notch. I am swamped with classes at the moment. But I wanted to at least get this out for anyone who may find it useful or just downright funnyโ™ฅ