Hello hearters!

I've decided to try something new... Starting sometime before the 2018 year is up, I'm going to begin posting an original story in segments.

To do it right though, I need fresh eyes to read over my articles before I post them to be sure everything grammar wise is perfect. Nothing like a giant spelling error to totally ruin the story mood...

In return for your efforts, I would include your account and anything else you would like me to post at the end of each segment. You deserve credit too! (I wish I could pay you, but alas, I'm a broke college student...) I would also be willing to write any letters of recommendation or reviews for you.

What I'm looking for in a candidate:

  • speaks fluent English
  • has a relatively sharp eye for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • lover of fantasy fiction
  • has the patience to commit to reading everything I send them...

This is going to be a novel length endeavor! So please, serious inquiries only. I totally understand that sometimes life gets busy though, so just communicate with me and we can work ahead or delay as we see fit.

If you'd like to help a sister out, email me here:


Before I commit to you, I'll have you read and edit something brief. Please don't be offended if I turn you down! I will just be grateful if anyone applies.

And to be fair, you should interview me as well! So feel free to ask questions via a postcard or through my given email address.

Last date to apply: November 26, 2018

A little disclaimer: I'm NOT looking for beta readers. Essentially, anyone who reads my articles as they are posted is a beta reader!

A beta reader is someone who reads for content.

An editor reads for grammar and readability.

Please give this a heart even if you're not going to apply! Share with your grammar-crazy friends as well! The more people that see this, the better.

Thank you for reading! (And possibly applying!)