uhhhh so ur probably stressed over finals n projects n quizzes n assignments (bc i sure am!!! hello!!!!) bUt self care is important SO when u get that lil slot of freetime these r sum of my fav movies to relAaaAx to :") find a blanket a candle n sum tea n get ready!!! hehehehhe

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (+ i'll call you by mine)
that movie that u've seen stills of literally everywhere
– sum cute cute cUtE ShlT
– if ur in need of an almost excessively pretty movie w visuals for days
– major "indie" (which i typically dont get along w tbh) BUT this ones an exception; i tend to think of indie movies (is this even considered indie??? uhhhHhhhhHhh........) as kinda anticlimactic n boring but nah this one kinda just gets it
+ prettyboiz everywhere (tim chal is in it) :")

call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and cmbyn image call me by your name, quotes, and movie image Temporarily removed armie hammer, call me by your name, and timothee chalamet image

comedy (kinda)/coming of age? idk
– i'm not even tryna b cheesy n annoying but this is my most watched movie n so hhHHhhhhHHhhhh gotta add it
– feel gud movie :") (everyone's probably already seen it anyways sksksks)

The Breakfast Club, 80s, and movie image The Breakfast Club, 80s, and Judd Nelson image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image 80s, Breakfast Club, and The Breakfast Club image

– fr underrated, one of my absolute favs
– i'm rewatching as we speak n this is one of my favs! (+ it's on netflix now!)
– tbh when i first read the summary i was like :~//// hmmm but once u watch it.......wowza; it's one of those things
– hits u HArD
+ robin williams :,(

boy, grunge, and train image quotes, robin williams, and movie image couple, good will hunting, and matt damon image beautiful, film, and movie image

– THE ult feel good movie ever created not even tryna b dramatic
– literally made for if ur having a bad day

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– idk man this movie's just so satisfying idk how else to describe it
– goodstuffgoodstuff
+ leo dicap's in it!

article, catch me if you can, and leonardo dicaprio image aesthetic, architecture, and black image 2000s, 70s, and aesthetic image leonardo dicaprio image

– a solid movie
– yeah you've probably heard people talk about this way too much last year but if you've never seen it this is a must!
– tbh you either love it or hate it but if you love it you lOVE it (+ the soundtrack never gets old)
– colors in this r so beautiful wow

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honorable mentions
– room (honestly heartbreaking)
– heathers (a perfect 80s movie)
– dunkirk (cinematography)
– saving private ryan (one of the best war movies)
– get out (good "horror" – but barely; touches on really important subjects, v well made/thought out)

*tbh this is more so for personal ref so i'll prob add more when i think of them/when i watch more movies