Rachel Green

fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed Temporarily removed city, aesthetic, and brown image

Ross Geller

Abusive image Temporarily removed blue, books, and french image Temporarily removed

Monica Geller

outfit, fashion, and clothes image bullet journal, art, and diary image bedroom, home, and plants image coffee, cup, and cupboard image

Chandler Bing

used office cubicles and cubicle furniture systems image Image by lauracornelia cigarette, smoke, and car image look boy and boy 90s image

Phoebe Buffay

art, guitar, and music image female, feminism, and pink image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image bracelet, rings, and style image

Joey Tribbianni

food, fries, and yummy image dessert, movies, and photography image aesthetic, denim, and clothes image couple, love, and kiss image

hope you enjoyed my first article :)