I know, I know. It's November 11. Christmas is in a little less than two months and it's turkey season, not santa season. But Christmas wishlists are crucial around the holiday season! Without them, all you'll be getting are socks and underwear (not that I'd mind all that much).

In this article I have compiled a list of some things I'd like for Christmas. Maybe these will give you an idea of what you want or what you definitely don't want. Enjoy I guess.


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stores like Forever 21, Boogzel, Brandy Melville, So Aesthetic Shop, and Urban Outfitters sell clothes like these.


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my bedding doesn't match my room right now so these would be some good ones.


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I really want white platform sneakers right now, they're so cute.


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this stuff would be good stocking stuffers and also some good ideas for friends.

That's all I have so far! Hopefully this helped you in someway whether it be figuring out what you want or what to buy for a friend. Have a good holiday season ;)