bts as types of books;

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the type of book with parts in roman numerals, with each part starting with a quote in all caps. hardcover, gold designs printed on it. a book that makes you think and changes your perspective.

like a romcom in book form. you've reread over and over in front of the fireplace or snuggly in your bed. the title is probably in a handwritten font or cute calligraphy. neat little chapters that vary in length.

a plain cover with the title in caps. simplicity is key, but the story is complex. no table of contents, parts not counted. emotional, and an incredibly personal story. straightforward narration but not too detailed.

like a coming of age story, first person perspective. refreshing, and everything flows nicely. softcover, and little cute cartoon-style art on the cover. reading this book makes you happy and feel comforted.

cute, and not the longest book out there. really sweet romance with slight sexual references, but all soft things. simple chapter titles and detailed descriptions but not too long.

watercolor cover art, probably abstract. lower case title but italicized. teaches you to be kind and appreciate the little things in life. a long title that’s actually an impactful quote in the story.

lots of life lessons. dealing with life and it’s ups and downs. the title is probably a question, along with the chapter titles. a story that takes place in which the main character is a side character to the plot but also a main character to it.

wow everyone! thank you so much for 1.3k followers! so, i decided to finally write this article which i’ve put off for so long~ i didn’t want to use like actual books for bts, as there’s like 130 million (i looked it up) in modern history that have ever existed. so.. i did the ‘types’ of books you read. would you like to read any of these ‘books’? which is your favorite? anyway, have a good morning/afternoon/night~
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original pic :) creds to me lol