Here is the list of all my bias and bias wreckers from each K-pop group.I am not necessarily a fan of each group.

SNSD/Girls' Generation

My bias : Tiffany

Image removed tiffany image girls generation, kpop, and stephanie image gif, girls' generation, and snsd image
Look how adorable she is!

My bias wreckers : Taeyeon, Sunny and Yoona

snsd, taeyeon, and kpop image girls generation, snsd, and taeyeon image gg, girl, and kpop image
It's impossible not to like one of the members in this group!


My bias : Soyou

sistar and soyou image asian girl, girl, and idol image beautiful, beauty, and selfie image kpop, starship, and starship entertainment image
She is so beautiful, her voice too and she's body goal please.

My bias wrecker : Bora

bora, girl, and girl group image Image removed

WJSN/Cosmic Girls

My bias : Yeoreum and Luda

exy, gif, and bona image kpop, wjsn, and luda image gif, yeoreum, and wjsn image k-pop, kpop, and starship image yeoreum, wjsn, and luda image kpop, yeoreum, and cosmic girls image
Their cuteness make my heart beat!

My bias wrecker : Exy and Cheng Xiao

exy, kpop, and cosmic girls image k-pop, kpop, and cosmic girls image
They are both girls crushes!

Oh My Girl

My bias : Yooa

kpop, cute korean girl, and doll-face image Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed
Her face is way too beautiful!

My bias wreckers : Hyojung, Jiho and Arin

k-pop, kpop, and oh my girl image k-pop, kpop, and kim jiho image Image removed
I like this group so much!


My bias : Sehun and Lay

sehun, exo, and oh sehun image aesthetic, exo, and lay image korean, kpop, and rapper image exo, lay, and yixing image
This group makes me 100% straight

My bias wreckers : Kai and Baekhyun

kai, exo, and kim jongin image exo, kpop, and baekhyun image


My bias : Jimin

bts, jimin, and park jimin image jimin, bts, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and park jimin image k-pop, bts, and jimin image
I am no longer a fan of BTS and Jimin is the only reason I still listen to their songs


My bias : Minho

Image by canminim minho image kpop, SHINee, and minho image SHINee, Minho, and kpop image
Is it possible to be that handsome?


My bias : Momo

twice, kpop, and momo image momo and twice image Image removed momo, twice momo, and twice image
The short-haired Momo is my favorite Momo!

My bias wreckers : Nayeon and Sana

JYP, kpop, and bts image Girl Crush, kpop, and suit image dahyun, mono, and twice image twice, sana, and mina image
JYP does a bad job with them. Their concept cute-girls crushes was much better and more original than the one they have now


My bias : Rosรฉ

rose, blackpink, and kpop image Image removed Image removed bp, blackpink, and rose image
She's too underrated in my opinion.

My bias wrecker : Jennie

blackpink, jennie, and jennie kim image Image removed
Her baby-face is too cute!


My bias : Mark

Temporarily removed nct, mark, and nct 127 image gif, mark, and nct 127 image asian boy, k-pop, and kpop image
Too talented for this world!

My bias wrecker : Jisung

mark, jaemin, and jisung image jisung, nct, and nct dream image
It annoys me that he is younger, more beautiful and more talented than me...


My bias : Krystal

f(x), krystal, and kpop image Image by ๐Ÿ˜Œโœจ f(x), soojung, and krystal image f(x), krystal, and girl image
It is not possible for such a magnificent person to exist!


My bias : Heejin

k-pop, kpop, and heejin image k-pop, kpop, and heejin image bbc, kpop, and heejin image heejin, loona, and kpop image
Too much of an angel.


My bias : Chaeyeon

k-pop, kpop, and sixteen image girl, kpop, and girls image korean, kpop, and izone image korean, kpop, and izone image
She deserved to be Top1!

My bias wreckers : Yena, Eunbi and WonYoung

k-pop, kpop, and yena image izone, eunbi, and kwon eunbi image kpop, wonyoung, and idol image

Red Velvet

My bias : Irene and Seulgi

Image removed seulgi, red velvet, and kang seulgi image Image removed kpop, seulgi, and red velvet image Image removed irene, red velvet, and seulgi image


My bias : Seolhyun

girl, kpop, and yuna image angels, beauty, and kpop image Image removed Image removed
Her face is so sweet.

Miss A

My bias : Suzy

suzy and bae suzy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

My bias wrecker : Fei

chinese, girl, and kpop image black and white, JYP, and k-pop image
She doesn't make songs because she is too busy traveling for that.


My bias : Jiyeon

Image removed Image removed Image removed Image removed
Her eyes and personality are divine!

My bias wreckers : Hyomin and Eunjung

Image removed eunjung, t-ara, and t ara image


My bias : Hara

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed
I miss her..

My bias wrecker : Seungyeon

kara, kpop, and selca image k-pop, kara, and kpop image


My bias : Jackson

jackson, kpop, and jackson wang image Image removed jackson and got7 image got7, jackson, and kpop image
He is manly and beautiful.


My bias: Naeun

naeun, apinkโ€ฌ, and kpop image naeun, apinkโ€ฌ, and kpop image naeun and apinkโ€ฌ image idol, naeun, and kpop image
She's one of the most beautiful idols.

My bias wreckers : Chorong and Hayoung

Temporarily removed Image removed


My bias : Hani

kpop, exid, and hani image hani, exid, and kpop image Image by B14U exid, hani, and kpop image

My bias wrecker : LE

Image by alexis korean, kpop, and le image


My bias : Sohee

beautiful, idol, and kim sohee image Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed


My bias : YuQi

asian girl, chinese girl, and k-pop image asian girl, chinese girl, and k-pop image idle, kpop, and yuqi image yuqi and (g)i-dle image
The cutest human in the world!

My bias wrecker : ShuHua

gidle, shuhua, and idle image girl, k-pop, and kpop image


My bias : Solar

girl, idol, and k-pop image solar and mamamoo image asian girls, kpop, and pretty image Image removed

My bias wrecker : Moonbyul

solar, mamamoo, and moon byul image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


My bias : Wonpil

wonpil and day6 image day6 and wonpil image kpop, wonpil, and day6 image kpop, wonpil, and day6 image


That's it, it's over and thank you for reading.