turtles all the way down, john green

the story of a teenage girl trying to get through life, struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, and trying to solve the case of a missing fugitive billionaire who is the father of one of her closest childhood friends. I highly recommend this is you struggle with ocd or anxiety, its the most accurate depiction of it i have ever read

Image by Kathleen

paper towns, john green

actor, actress, and celeb image

after years of being in love with Margo from a distance, she breaks into Q's door asking for assistance in committing revenge.

everything, everything, nikola yoon

Image by A.G.

when a charming boy moves across the street from young girl with SCID, a severe immune disorder who has never been outside, she is wiling to put everything on the line to get to know him better. // higly recomend if you love twist endings

the female persuasion,

emily and women image

the shy, greer kadetsky meets a feminist extroidinare who helps her find her voice and her life is changed forever

forbidden, tabitha suzman

explores the highly taboo topic of modern day incest

infinite in between, carolyn mackler

goes through every year of high school with five very different teens

stolen, lucy christopher

a letter by a young british girl who is kidnapped from the airport and taken to rural australia

go ask alice, anonymous

an anonymous diary regarding the downfall of drug abuse

the perks of being a wildflower, stephen chbosky

a shy freshman finds his way in high school with a group of seniors while trying to cope with a past traumatic experience

all the rage, courtney sumers

a teenage girl tries to bring justice to the person who raped her

all the bright places, jennifer niven

finch and violet, both greatly affected by death in their own way, save each other atop the bell tower at school and join forces to discover the natural wonders of their home state of Indiana

every last word, tamara ireland stone

a seemingly perfect popular girl hides a big secret, her thoughts are plagued with scary obsessions that consume her everyday life.