It's getting quieter. even when the teachers are talking. I can't hear the TV, I can't hear the teacher when he is standing right next to me. I have to read your lips in order to hear and comprehend what you're saying. I get looked at like I'm stupid and I get laughed at when I can't hear anything. People get mad at me because I have no idea what they're saying. They think I'm just being selective. But it's not that. I can't stay focused as well as I used to. I'm in my own world. I get asked, "Why can't you hear me?" I tell them it's because they won't talk louder. I tell them I don't know because I don't want to explain why. And throughout the day if I have to work it just gets worse because I couldn't hear them before my hearing started going. And it all could've been prevented. If my ear infections were treated when they were supposed to. And If I didn't have as many of them.

Because of this, I'm in my own world.